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We provide inspiration for photographers and couples who are tired of seeing the same things over and over. We help photographers fight against the repetitive, and speed up their creative process. We help couples discover new ideas for their wedding photos and locate photographers in their area that share our vision.

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What will you not see in this book?

Don't get us wrong, we love those spectacular photos of newlyweds on Mt. Everest, the couple kissing with a Santorini sunset in the background, and that magical session that took place in a palace in Spain as much as the next person. However, we are not here to show you photos that would be impossible for you to take because they depend on the beauty of the location or the couple. Instead, we will show you the creativity of photographers who play with light and shadows. We include the work of those who use ordinary objects or everyday places. We highlight the imagination at work by photographers who take unusual photos of wedding and engagement rings, and other accessories, and those who use a new pose or create a unique portrait. In short, here you will find something different.

Collaborate with us, spread and share your work with the world in our first book. FOR FREE.

If you think that your work is creative and inspirational, do not hesitate to contact us and send us examples. Sign up below and our team will check out your websites/social media and networks looking for more inspiration to share. Don’t forget to leave us your email so we can contact you and eventually publish your work in our first book.

The need to create something new, to be different, unconformity, and a rejection of the status quo is what moves us. To seek inspiration and to inspire is the epitome of what we do.

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